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EDC Level 1.


Course Description

Students will perform online video-based exercises and self-grading discussion exercises. Additionally, students will be performing Internet-related English activities, in which they will use the Internet as a tool for research, communication and EFL study. This course focuses more on the "Language Learning" aspect of CALL, rather than on the "Computer-Assisted" aspect. By employing CALL, students will learn how to increase their exposure to natural English in daily life.

EDC 1 Discussion 1

Course Description

This course aims to develop students' competence in participating in and leading a small research team. Specifically, students will identify the issues of a passage, the author's stance on those issues, and the supporting evidence for that stance. Additionally, the oral communication skills that will be practiced include 1) debate and discussion skills, 2) communication skills among members of a group, and 3) presentations skills in presenting a short report of findings to a small group. Finally, writing skills will be practiced with a short essay using the Online Homework Submission and Evaluation System.

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