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EDC 4 Presentation 3
Course Description

This course aims to further develop students' presentation skills. Presentations will be based on topics from their own coursework at SUAC and research for the presentations will put into practice Internet research skills acquired in EDC English 5 (CALL). Additionally, students will produce and evaluate a podcast. Finally, students will produce and lead video news lessons.

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Tentative Schedule for Fall 2009

Video Lesson Instructions

EDC 4 Discussion 4
Course Description

This course has been designed to aid students in reading and enjoying a bestselling English memoir. The goal of the course is to give you a number of chances to speak about the ideas in the book and reflect on the themes. The exercises have been created to give you a chance to build vocabulary, practice speaking, gain greater ability in reading and listening and also improve your writing skills. While the course is designed to be fun; like anything good in life, it will take some work on your part. It is essential that you do the readings before class each week. If you are having a problem with the course workload, please speak with your teacher as soon as possible.

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EDC Level 4 Presentation 3.

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